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I was diagnosed with Stage 4b Cervical Cancer in 2019 and in 2020, during the Covid lockdown, I underwent a radical hysterectomy where Drs also removed a 5cm tumour from my cervix as well as 2 lymph glands. Within a month after the operation the tumour had grown back and my oncologist decided that I would need to undergo palliative treatment. After doing crazy amounts of research, my family and I decided that it would advisable to give the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy a go. I had to commit to starting with a 40 day consecutive treatment of one hour a day which I began with 40 days prior to chemotherapy treatment, in conjunction with other natural treatments. I continued with the mhbot treatments throughout my 6 month chemotherapy. The results were excellent. As a business owner the hyperbaric therapy allowed me to continue running my business as well as carrying out my day to day responsibilities. The chemotherapy was effective and after the 6 month period, the CT scan results showed that I was clear of cancer. Due to the fact that after the initial op the cancer reoccurred my oncologist decided treated me with 28 consecutive days of radiation 5 days a week, 3 more chemotherapies as well as 3 sessions of brachy therapy. I never stopped with Hyperbaric, I just reduced the number of days per week and the radiation burns were minimal and healing was accelerated. I have over 300 dives to date and still continue a maintenance plan of hyperbaric therapy in our own chambers now. Frank Diener (Co-Owner) and myself see the value of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and decided to open up our own Studio’s, in order to offer others such as myself this wonderful treatment at a reasonable cost. We currently have our South Branch in Linmeyer, close to The Glen Shopping Centre and our JHB Central Branch will be opening in October in the suburb of Linden.

What is HBOT ?

For more than 200 years, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been used as a regenerative health treatment and has helped improve the overall well-being of people. Lack of oxygen is one of the most common reasons behind the appearance of numerous illnesses and cell damage.

HBOT utilises higher than normal (atmospheric) pressure. During therapy one does not breathe the usual 21% oxygen, but 95% pure oxygen through an oxygen mask at a pressure of 1.3 allowing you to breathe twice the concentration of oxygen. You would be breathing pure oxygen: 5 times more than you would be breathing normal air in the environment, which is why effects on our health and well-being are even better.

What to Expect?

Relax, sit, lie, sleep, or work on your phone in the comfortable chamber. Sessions last 60 – 90 min. Your ears may feel a little blocked as the pressure increases, like in an airplane or the mountains. Simple swallowing or chewing gum will “pop” the ears back to normal.
Your blood carries the extra oxygen throughout the body, infusing the injured tissues that need more oxygen so they can begin healing. When a session is complete, you may feel lightheaded. Mild side effects include claustrophobia, fatigue, and headaches.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not for everyone. It should not be used by people who have had a recent ear surgery or ear trauma, a cold or fever, or certain types of lung disease.

Take a deep breath, relax and let the oxygen do the work. Want more info? Check out all the benefits of Oxygen therapy by clicking the button below.

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