Benefits Of Oxygen Therapy


Complementary to most skincare procedures and formulations, the action of HBOT is to heal from within.

This natural approach to skincare is trusted by health professionals for the numerous benefits Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has proved it can deliver on a holistic level.


Beneficial hyperbaric therapy, by means of pure oxygen supply, regenerates damaged cells in the body and prevents further damage from occurring.

Users inhale larger quantities of oxygen in a high-pressure environment, which allows more oxygen to be distributed to the damaged tissue and leads to a quicker recovery.


Competitive sports have evolved to such an extent that the intensity and number of injuries to athletes have increased. Therefore, there is a strong need to develop better and faster treatments that allow the injured athlete to return to competition faster than with the normal course of rehabilitation, and with a low risk of re-injury. It makes no difference whether you’re a professional rugby player or a weekend cyclist, injuries are common among all types of athletes and can affect performance, as well as everyday quality of life, if not given the proper attention.